Our fulfillment centers deliver an end-to-end experience that kit, pick, pack, and ship packages on time and on budget. Expect a seamless process—from initial order to distribution.


Our national logistics division moves 4.1 billion pounds of freight each year—by road, rail, skies and seas. We deliver cargo with uncompromising speed and direction.

Harte Hanks Fulfillment

Deliver, scale and optimize your fulfillment processes

For over 40 years, Harte Hanks has helped businesses of all sizes achieve economical, fast and reliable order fulfillment. Our global 3PL fulfillment center handles 4.1 million packages and more than 4 billion mail packets each year—delivered with unmatched efficiency at the lowest practical shipping costs.

From initial order to distribution, our process is seamless. Our fulfillment centers blend the full suite of order, distribution and 3PL competencies together to execute a truly end-to-end fulfillment model that kits, picks, packs and ships packages—on time and on budget

Harte Hanks Logistics

Simplifying freight distribution

Harte Hanks’ proven 3PL services enable businesses to go beyond their greatest supply chain vulnerabilities. Drawing on 40+ years of freight brokerage and supply chain consultancy, our services help American corporations simplify and scale their logistics with unmatched velocity and the lowest practical shipping costs.

From routine shipments to one-off projects, our national logistics division moves 1.3 billion pounds of freight each year—by road, rail, skies and seas. Blending insights from real-time analytics, industry-leading technology and our 9,000+ carrier network, we help businesses deliver cargo with uncompromising speed and direction.

“Merrill Lynch has enjoyed a longstanding partnership with Harte Hanks since 1994, and we are thrilled with the quality of their services. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and attention to detail have played an instrumental role in helping us achieve our business goals.”

Rich - VP

“I have had the pleasure of working with Harte Hanks for several years now as a Channel Marketing Manager for Philips/ Signify utilizing Harte Hanks services for digital print, fulfillment, inventory management, trade show materials and sample delivery. Our partnership has been in place for over 40 years and the team at Harte Hanks has always been amazing to work with – proactive, accommodating, and incredibly knowledgeable. Here’s to continuing our successful relationship for many more years to come!”

Shawna - Channel Marketing Manager

“Allink 360 stands out by combining industry-leading capabilities with unparalleled simplicity. It’s designed to be accessible to anyone in the plant responsible for booking loads. Unlike most new tools on the market, Allink 360 prioritizes user-friendliness and approachability.”

AEO Director of Middle Mile Freight

Fulfillment & Logistics partner to leading global brands

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Don’t sacrifice quality for speed

See how Harte Hanks Fulfillment & Logistics deliver both.

On time, on budget — every time

Whether it’s kitting, picking, packing, and shipping packages—or getting your cargo where it needs to be—trust Harte Hanks to meet your deadline and budget.

100% transparency 

Our transport management system, Allink360™, provides you and your team with full visibility into all modes and carriers—whether at rest or in transit.

A personal touch

We enable brands like yours to add high-level personalization or customization to your assets for 1:1, 1:few or 1:many customer interactions. 

Masters of the Middle Mile

Harte Hanks makes annual listing of 10 companies that are at the forefront of providing 3PL services and transforming businesses.

Many experts agree that game-change in logistics happens in the middle mile. In this transfer of goods from a warehouse or distribution center to a fulfillment center, there are tremendous opportunities for efficiency and cost-savings. It’s the mile where Harte Hanks (Nasdaq: HHS) has come to play, and so far, it’s boasting a winning record. Harte Hanks is a major supply chain partner for companies including Office Depot and American Eagle, and its e-commerce and retail business continues to grow.

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